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Copyright 8 by Th3EmOo My Gallery is NOT Photobucket by Circe-Baka Dont make bases of my work by YourOwnArt Relevant Stamp by In-The-Zone

Thanks everyone for your favorites and support!

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Work In Progress:

* Attack On Titan

* Vanitas

* Female Juuzou 2

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Work To Be Started/ Drawing Ideas That May Or May Not Be Started

* Death Note Fan Art

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First off I'd just like to say, if you don't like the watermarks on MY work, get lost, I couldn't give any amount of crap less. It's MY art and I will make sure it remains mine. Sorry for being so blunt about it. Anyways.


DISCLAIMER - I obviously do not own Soul Eater or any other works I submit under the fan art category.

Ello Ello, I am Lord shabalabadingdong, pleased to meet you 8} I'm 18, 19 next August. I'm a big Soul Eater and Kingdom Hearts fan. My life's dream is to work for SQUARE ENIX and nobody is going to "break my stride" cause "when life gives you lemons, you gotta make lemonade, even if the lemonade sucks practice makes perfect". I have my very own idea for a game and it would be wicked if I could turn it into a official game. That's all I can think of right now, if I can think of more will post it 8} I wish you all the best of luck and see ya!

Personal quote: Don't worry, I'm a professional idiot.

I'm now on Instagram! Follow me for random shz and unseen drawings! Username: LordAss

Also, check out my Tumblr!

I also have a MyFigureCollection Profile. Feel free to check it out!…


Since my cold seems to be just about dying or almost dead, I can now finally get back to drawing! :iconyeahplz: I'm also on my Easter break so two full weeks away from college and loads of time to draw! :iconcelebrateplz:

LES DU DIS Medic's Rage Intensifies (Chat Icon) 
I just finished watching the finale of Tokyo Ghoul Root A and I don't think I've ever laughed so hard since I watched Soul Eater. Thank you Shuhei Morita for destroying an amazing manga but making me laugh my ass off along the way. Please don't touch Tokyo Ghoul Re: or I will sacrifice your first born to Satan KTHXBAI!
I don't think I'll get anything drawn tonight since I have a really crappy cold. I feel liek shat so I'm gonna take it easy tonight and hope it's better by morning. Thanks for your continued support as always! :iconyeahplz:
Sorry I never got anything submitted today everyone. I had planed to finish something last night but didn't have enough time to and we just got a new pup today. He's a pug so he's like a newborn baby wanting constant attention XD So I never got around to drawing. I'm about to start now though since he's asleep so hopefully I'll have it finished soon! :iconyusplz:

Also, his name is Yoda :iconhuehueplz:
I'VE HIT 400 WATCHERS ASDKSJGKJ  :icondeanplz::iconspazattackplz: Thank you all so so much! :iconsupertighthugplz: :iconbrohugplz: I'll try and get another piece of art out tomorrow to celebrate! :iconyeahplz::iconcelebrateplz:

Group Submission Errors

Wed Jan 14, 2015, 12:34 PM

I just tried to submit this deviation into multiple groups DOES IT LOOK LIKE I GIVE A SINGLE F***? by Corrupted-Mirror I listed it as mature due to the F word in it cause I know there's still lil kiddies around the site. When I tried submit it into the groups it was invisible and I couldn't find it anywhere to submit it into the groups. I checked my recent deviations just to make sure I submitted it and I had. So I removed the mature restriction for a quick moment to try something and when I went to submit this deviation again, it WAS there and I could. 

So this seems to be a serious enough error with submissions now around DeviantArt and it was lucky I didn't want to submit something extremely explicit that really is not meant for young eyes. But when someone does want to submit explicit content into other groups, does that mean they have to lift the mature rating until they are finished submitting it into groups? I freakin' hope not.

DeviantArt, this REALLY needs fixed! Or else we're gonna be seeing a lot less mature content restrictions and other stuff some people really don't wanna see.

What piece of art would you all like to see finished first? (CLOSED) 

11 deviants said 1st - Realistic Soul Eater Characters (Submitted)
10 deviants said 2nd - Soul Eater Christmas (WIP Result only) (Submitted)
8 deviants said Crona - Laying In The Rain (Submitted)
6 deviants said 3rd - I'm Prepared To Die For My Meister (Part 2)
5 deviants said 5th - Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Do No Evil
4 deviants said 4th - Thanks for 300+ Watchers! (Special Drawing) (Submitted)
2 deviants said 6th - One Year Later (Part 2)
1 deviant said 7th - Original Character Request For :iconzumoarikuta: (Submitted)

Requests/Art Trades/Collabs

Dinner time  (Request) by Corrupted-Mirror Kilik Rung (Art Trade) by Corrupted-Mirror Female Giriko (Request) by Corrupted-Mirror Tsubaki and Mifune (Request) by Corrupted-Mirror


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If you are not a friend or a watcher and still want to make a request, please donate 10 points when I accept your request.

Do NOT donate before I accept your request, thank you 8)

Other donations are always welcome 8)

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