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Jun 24, 2016
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Jun 24, 2016
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Jun 23, 2016
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Jun 23, 2016
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Jun 23, 2016
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Despite the title, this is not a hate blog entry about the anime/manga fandom, this is more of an alert or an awareness that has been going on more or less since the start of anime and manga and lately it has really really been getting to me due to a fandom I have recently joined.


I am not grouping everyone together when I bring this topic up and when I’m talking about this I am talking about a very specific group of hateful/spiteful people. If you do not do any of the things I am about to talk about, then this simply does not apply to you but I do encourage you to continue reading as this topic is very real in the anime/manga fandom and I think it deserves more recognition due to some recent events I have encountered.

Trigger Warning

If you are sensitive to any of the following topics such as paedophilia, rape etc, please do not read on further as this may upset you. This blog entry also contains sensitive material and I recommend you are at least 15 years of age before reading this.

 I honestly don’t know how to start this so I’m just going to jump right into it. I’m going to start with when I joined the Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji fandom. I stayed away from the fandom for years, more or less since the anime came out as the fans had literally convinced me it was a yaoi about an overaged man and an under aged child which put me off automatically and I couldn’t get why something so wrong was so popular. The Ciel and Sebastian ship. When curiosity finally got the better of me and one boring morning, I started to read Black Butler and instantly fell in love with it. To my own shock, there wasn’t a hint of yaoi in sight, aside from one joke lasting around three panels (the corset scene) joke. I’m highlighting the word joke, as that is what it was, it was not supposed to be taken seriously which is one alarm bell that should go off in these shipper’s heads. The fact that this was a joke is that the over-all concept of the joke is messed up, paedophilia. We joke about serious things such as death, paedophiles and other very serious topics as it works as a coping mechanism. This is why many doctors have a very sick and dark sense of humour as they see death quite frequently. I brought this up by the way just in case someone tried to justify this ship by saying, “ohhh but Yana made this three panel joke about yaoi!” A joke, and that is all it was meant to be taken as. It wasn’t created to sexually arouse paedophiles, it was meant to be laughed at.

The next thing I’m going to talk about is an incident that I came across on Instagram from a girl who shipped an actual canon ship in Black Butler, Ciel and Lizzy as they are due to be married. She didn’t ship them sexually at all, she just thought they looked cute together. Point is, these particular shippers who ship Ciel and Sebastian are very aggressive (not all of them, please keep the disclaimer in mind). This girl I will not mention, had an incident involving a paedophile when she was a child and she got triggered whenever she seen sexual images of Ciel and Sebastian together and if you’re in the Black Butler fandom, these images can be seen wherever you go which is beyond messed up. This girl however, was browsing through a tag on Tumblr, specifically made for Ciel and Lizzy fans and still came across these particular sexual images. This girl received hate over Tumblr and Instagram and harassment through messages of people who sipped Ciel and Sebastian telling her more or less how her wrong her ship was and bullied her. Naturally their language was a lot more colourful and vicious than that and these people actually started to send this girl these kinds of explicit images involving Ciel and Sebastian just to torment her further which naturally brought back horrible memories. These people then started posting more of these sexually explicit images involving Ciel and Sebastian onto the Tumblr tag made for Ciel and Lizzy fans just to mess with this girl even more. All because this girl was showing her love for a particular ship she enjoyed. She did nothing to provoke this kind of behaviour, these Ciel and Sebastian shippers just really hate Ciel and Lizzy shippers naturally because of the same reason why most Levi and Eren shippers hate Mikasa and Eren shippers from the Attack on Titan fandom. The things these two ships have in common are that Eren and Mikasa have a high chance of becoming canon like Ciel and Lizzy that actually are canon. These shippers then hate the females in these canon couples because they get in the way of their yaoi ships. Not because the females are bad characters, but because it ruins the shippers’ dirty little fantasies and they know these couples will more than likely become canon which only further agitates them. These pairings also involve an under aged and overaged character being depicted in sexual situations. You know Lizzy from Black Butler isn’t a boring, cutsie, weak character if you have read the manga, so do not use that as an excuse to hate her, the anime version and manga version are two very separate characters. This also goes for Mikasa. The only difference is that Mikasa is depicted as badass and strong in both the anime and manga. I’m mentioning this because most of these shippers try to hide their hate for these particular female characters by saying they are annoying, clingy, weak, etc which is why they dislike them when most of the time it is the fact that these females are getting in the way of their “never ever going to be canon,” ship.

Another incident on Instagram involved one person talking to their followers how they thought about leaving the Black Butler fandom as seeing these images constantly had just about got the better of them and they told me they felt physically sick for days. If you dare call these shippers out on this kind of stuff, you’re just asking for a whole army of very angry people breathing down your back and never ending waves of the usual, “go kill yourself” messages.

Why are these “ships” so wrong?

The age old argument of these ships are “it’s fiction! They’re not real so no harm is done! Don’t look and it won’t bother you!”

I’m about to break each one of these arguments and actually let these people know that what they’re doing is actually breaking the law and can earn them a nice little sentence in prison.

The, “it’s fiction” argument is the one that really gets to me, so I’m going to break that one first.

This is an actual case that took place in Wales, Machynlleth, Powys 2012. The murder of a little girl named April Jones. I’m mentioning this particular case as there are hundreds more out there of similar circumstances but I have watched a documentary on this and it deeply upset and enraged me as it should do any normal human being. This man (Mark Bridger) was charged with “Child abduction Murder Attempting to pervert the course of justice Unlawful concealment and disposal of a body”. It was also heavily hinted that April was also sexually assaulted but Mark was never convicted of it despite being called a paedophile by the Judge. The main reason why I’m mentioning this case is because Mark Bridge was caught with child pornography. Not just actual images of children, but something else called “cartoon child pornography” in police terms. You can probably guess what this is already but just to clean this up, this is anything fictional, cartoons, anime etc. This also helped reinforce this “man’s” sentence as the law states, these kinds of images, no matter what, are lawfully wrong. You are breaking the law each time you go out of your way to specifically search for these images and take pleasure in viewing them. If you look these images up and enjoy looking at them, you are taking pleasure in the same kinds of things paedophiles take pleasure in viewing. I know that sounds harsh, but those are the cold hard facts and you cannot dress those up in any way at all. Here’s what the actual law states about this “cartoon child porn”.

Any depiction of a child engaged in sexually explicit conduct may be considered child pornography. This can include photographs, digital images, computer-generated images, drawings, videos, or animations, among others. This also applies if the person in the depiction is actually an adult but appears to be a minor. Moreover, altering an image or video so that it appears to depict a minor may also be child pornography (for example, editing the face of a minor onto the nude body of an adult in an image or video).

Please click the link if you want to read more about these laws.…

Many other people have been caught with this kind of porn, a quick google search can pull up many results but this one since I had more knowledge on it was one I thought I’d mention.

“They’re not real, so no harm is done” argument.

As I mentioned previously, you may not be harming yourselves, but you are harming others around you. Apart from the other two people I have mentioned previously you are also teaching a younger generation that have entered the anime/manga fandom recently that these kinds of images are okay to view. These children more than likely don’t even realise that what they are viewing is child porn since it’s so easily shared around and accessed. My little sister once came to me through curiosity and said, “does yaoi mean love in Japanese?” My heart nearly sank when I heard her ask me this as the first thing that came to my head was, “what have you been looking up or what has someone been showing you?” The word yaoi in itself is innocent as it means “boys love”, but the distorted definition that has been given to it normally leads to other darker images such as rape, ect. This is why I freaked out when I heard my little sister of around 12 years old mention this word to me. I panicked and thought she had been viewing things she shouldn’t of been viewing as it is so easily accessed uncensored too.

The other harm you are doing as I mentioned that other person who felt physically sick seeing these images is that kind of harm and more than likely aren’t alone. I can’t view any Black Butler page or anything Black Butler related really without scrolling slowly and squinting at the same time in case I come across some form of sexually explicit image involving the fandom’s most popular ship, Ciel and Sebastian (or any other ship to that matter that involves an overaged and under aged character). Which is just ridiculous. After last night scrolling through Instragram, I felt my blood boil the more and more I seen these images and my stomach turn. I wasn’t even actively looking for these images, in fact, I wasn’t even on a Black Butler page so you can’t say “it’s your fault for actively looking for the stuff”. I was just browsing through my feed and the discovery section which recommends you random images depending on whom you follow. I follow Black Butler fans who do not post these kinds of images, so it just goes to show you just how tainted the Black Butler tag is on Instagram alone with these explicit images. The very same goes for the Attack on Titan fandom. I have been thinking about making this blog entry for a while now and last night is what broke me. I have my own reasons as to why I’m so passionate about this subject, but really, everyone should support this whole idea that this kind of thing is wrong. I don’t know how you could say otherwise honestly.

“Don’t look and it won’t bother you”.

This argument again is another very dumb one. You can pick out parts from my previous arguments as to why this one is another broken argument and not true at all. I want to actively be in the fandom but honestly it’s getting harder and harder with all of this constantly being thrown in my face when I’m not even looking for it. As I’ve said before, it may not be affecting the people who are indulging in this disgusting piece of media, but you are definitely affecting the others around you even by sharing an explicit image involving an under aged and overaged couple.

Another argument that’s more specific to the Black Butler fandom is that, “it was considered normal back in those days!”

No, it really was not. You are confusing your “ship” with child trafficking which was a problem back then in the 19th Century. These children were on the streets, homeless and had no one to look after them or normally were just vulnerable children and were normally sold to workhouses or some creep to do whatever they wanted with them. This was actually even shown in Black Butler when Ciel dressed up as a female to go undercover. Since the man seen Ciel as a vulnerable child who had no one with them at the time to look after him, Ciel was kidnapped and almost sold at an underground auction. Another thing, relationships like the ship Ciel and Sebastian would not have been a thing back then as the age of consent for a boy back then in the late 1800s was 16 years old and Ciel is only 13. Sebastian as we know is over thousands of years old. Here is a snippet taken from Wikipedia on the new laws of the late 1800s as we know Black Butler takes place then.  

The government was forced to propose the Criminal Law Amendment Act 1885, which raised the age of consent to 16 and clamped down on prostitution.

Another big reason as to why this ship is logically flawed and messed up is that Ciel is also a nobleman. He wouldn’t of dared to think of something like sex as there was much more important things to take care of and he was already tied up with Lizzy any way. Young noblemen back then wouldn’t have stooped to that low of a level and would took far too much care of themselves to think of something so wrong at the time and to be seen in a negative light by the public.

“But Black Butler was originally going to be a yaoi!”

Wrong, very very wrong. This one rumour got spread around by one sick induvial who wanted to do their best to try and justify this disgusting ship. Yana has stated herself and her editor that Black Butler was never intended to be a yaoi at any point in time. Since Yana cannot speak English, she only is able to communicate with her English speaking fans when a translator is present and she, herself, was shocked to hear that’s what the Western side of the fandom thought of Black Butler.

If you’re still not convinced, I highly suggest you read through this very well put together Tumblr and Facebook post. It contains actual quotes from Yana herself and her editor.…

In short, no, Black Butler was never ever intended to be a yaoi nor will it ever be. It is published by Square Enix who actually refuses to publish works containing yaoi in it. When you are following these “fact” pages on Instagram or wherever, please keep in mind, most of these “fact” pages are made up of false facts made to suit certain shippers just to make their ship seem more canon. Don’t take what these pages say as gospel and please, do your research instead of spreading false rumours.

Another reason why this ship bothers me. It ruins both Ciel and Sebastian’s characters and their true personalities. Ciel is a broken child desperate for some form of adult to look up to even though he may not even realize it. He’s a child and it’s natural instinct to look up to an adult and he doesn’t realize he’s looking up to Sebastian and becoming a cold blooded killer whilst doing so. Sebastian on the other hand is a disgusting hell spawn that was summoned into the world through a brutal child murder. (I really like the character, just stating the facts). Do you honestly think a heartless killing machine is going to fall head-over-heels for a species much lessor than his own? Yana has said so herself, and if you have read through that previous post I put a link to, that the only bond Ciel and Sebastian share is the Faustian contract and mutual trust. That’s it. No form of emotional bond what-so-ever. During the scene in Book of Circus when Ciel was having what I thought, a panic attack due to PTSD flashbacks, Sebastian took great delight in seeing Ciel in such a distressed state. Not because he thought it looked bloody sexual, but because that’s what demons do, they feed off of negativity and he was loving the pain Ciel was in. It was supposed to be a very dark scene giving us a glimpse of Sebastian’s true nature of what he really thought of Ciel. It’s such a shame it’s been grossly sexualised so much. He loves serving Ciel at times like these because Ciel is a child that is full of negativity and keeps Sebastian going for his ultimate goal which is to consume Ciel’s soul after he’s done serving him like he’s been doing for thousands of years. Ciel is no different than any other person Sebastian has created a contract with. Once he’s finished with Ciel, he’ll simply move onto the next person.

I think of Sebastian seeing humans as the same way humans would view something like ants. They’re a much lessor species and can be fascinating to watch and monitor. You can also easily crush them with your thumb if you wanted to. So again, Sebastian wouldn’t fall for something much lessor than himself which is why he has such a big ego and is so self-assured and full of himself. This is also shown in another scene in Book of Circus when Sebastian needs information from Beast. He sees that she is emotionally distressed and immediately takes pleasure in taking advantage of this situation. He manages to get Beast alone in a tent and more or less “pleasures” her with his hands only whilst wearing gloves. He did not engage in sex with her at all and if you had payed close attention to the next scene where Sebastian comes back with information for Ciel, Ciel asks where Sebastian’s gloves had gone to. Sebastian then replies with “they got dirty so I removed them”. Heavily implying Beast’s female liquids got on them. (Sorry for the impolite way to put it). But this also shows us what Sebastian thinks of humans in sexual situations. He thinks of them as so disgusting, he wouldn’t dare even touch them in that region so he definitely wouldn’t even think of engaging in something as sexual as sex itself. It would be like bestiality in his eyes more or less.  

Getting a little off topic but let’s go back to the rights and wrongs of this again.

“Ciel and Lizzy are cousins, that’s incest. Your ship is just as bad as mine!”

Ciel and Lizzy are cousins, and yes, I do not agree with incest but this couple is not shown sexually at all throughout the series and the incest actually serves a logical purpose in this series. In the 19th century this was pretty common (more or less due to arrogant reasons of the parents of the children being married). Cousins married for one big reason and this is also why Ciel and Lizzy are due to be married. They are due to be married to keep nobility, wealth and property in the family. In Ciel and Lizzy’s case it is also the same thing, I think it’s also something like Lizzy’s title is also a big reason as to why Ciel can marry her and marry her only. You can find this in the manga. So there are no sexual reasons what-so-ever or some kind of fetish as to why these two are to be married. Below is a quote from a website that more or less, hits the nail on the head.

The previous posts are right on target. Marrying cousins, even first cousins, was a way of keeping money and property in the family, and it was practiced at all levels of society. Only much later when negative genetic patterns were discovered was the practice frowned upon.…


“If this is your argument then if you play violent video games are you going to become a serial killer?”

This is probably another argument that’s going to crop up and again, it’s another flawed one. The difference between the two is that one is used for entertainment purposes only, has clear age restrictions stated, and people know it is morally wrong to actually kill someone. It is morally wrong to sexualise a child no matter what form it may be in (as the law also reinforces this), yet you continue to ship said ship in a sexual manner. Age restrictions are not applied to most of these sexually explicit pieces of media and are extremely easily accessed. Yes, you are using this for entertainment purposes only, but you are taking pleasure in viewing said child character being used in a sexual way, linking back to knowing it is morally wrong, yet you continue to view it any way. More or less what most paedophile’s logic falls into. You may not act or even think of acting out on these images, but if you are caught with these images or tracked down with them, try telling that to the police when you’re in cuffs for breaking the law.

So in conclusion, please be more self-aware of what you are indulging in in the anime/manga fandom. You may not be hurting yourself sharing these images around but you definitely do affect the others around you. I don’t want to bash on your ships at all, you can ship whatever you want but these are my honest, heartfelt views on this subject I am very passionate about. I cannot accept your ship, nor will I go out of my way to attack you for it, but I do want to calmly educate you on what you are viewing and who may be monitoring what you are viewing. Do not ever slam someone for not indulging in this same activity as you do nor bully them into it because what you are doing is saying, “why don’t you like something that involves paedophilia?” I think the question more or less speaks for itself, it’s ridiculous that’s even a question in the first place. So, please, respect each other and be more mindful in what you are exposing yourself and others around you to in this ever growing fandom. This is the kind of stuff that gives anime/manga a bad name.

If you have read through all of this and even the links, I cannot thank you enough as this took a good number of hours to type out and I put my heart and soul into this. I did not create this to bash on shippers, I respect quiet shippers completely, this is just aimed at the people who shove their views down other’s throats and even harass them for it. I also do not ship anything nor go out of my way to bash on others for shipping so this is completely biased free. Thanks again for reading and have a very good day! – Corrupted-Mirror Lordass @ Instagram

I'd also like to give a quick shout out to funtom.candy on Instaram for really opening my eyes about this situation and more or less was a big inspiration to me to write this and you should definitely check out their page on Instagram. I have a lot of respect for them for calling out fans like this as well. 

If you wish to spread awareness of this journal, please feel free to and quote me from it as long as you link it right back to this journal entry here. I highly appreciate people sharing this information but I appreciate linking it back to this journal entry just as much. Thank you. I also highly encourage you to use the hashtag "#protectourinnocence" when talking about this subject and it would be really good to get something like this up and running. Thanks again!

I do not encourage anyone to use this blog entry as a weapon against these people who ship these certain kinds of ships. I made this to inform the very aggressive shippers I mentioned previously in this post and if other people who quietly ship these kinds of ships want to read through this, they are entirely welcome to.
If you start shoving your views then down the aggressive shippers throats, this then makes you as bad as them or even harass the shippers who don't harass others. Please be mindful when sharing this blog around, I don't wish to harm or harass others either but only to enlighten them. Thank you.



First off, my works are heavily watermarked for a reason, I have had issues in the past so if you do not like them then simply do not look at them, thank you.


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Personal quote: Don't worry, I'm a professional idiot.

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